That Crazy WRAP Thing

That Crazy WRAP Thing

The Ultimate Body Applicator. . .
This body-slimming applicator (that Crazy Wrap Thing) is infused with an all-natural botanical formula that is absorbed through the skin, and by a special, unique process, breaks down fat cells and pulls the toxins out of our cells. It is designed to tighten, tone and firm our skin.  It Also works as an anti-inflammatory and improves cellulite, stretch marks, and over-all skin appearance. The applicator is worn for a minimum of 45 minutes and actually continues to process for 72 hours after it is removed.  Everybody’s skin processes differently. Some medications store in your cells for a long time and it may take longer to process.  This is a healthy cleanse for your body. You are actually feeding your body something healthy!

BEWARE: Side effects may include an INSTANT CHANGE IN YOUR APPEARANCE! You can put the applicator on any part of your body to spot reduce and see immediate lasting results.

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